Lü Bu


Unleash the Strategic Power of Lü Bu: Conquer the Crypto Kingdoms!

"Within the crypto realm, I, Lü Bu, stand as an unstoppable force, wielding power and commanding success with every move."


About Lü Bu

Lü Bu is a visionary crypto project inspired by the legendary Chinese Three Kingdoms era. We embody the spirit of the fearless warrior, offering a platform that empowers users to conquer the crypto landscape with strategic prowess. With a focus on speed, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology, Lü Bu aims to revolutionize the crypto world, enabling users to seize opportunities and achieve remarkable success. Join us on this epic journey and unleash your true potential with Lü Bu.


Empowering Prosperity, Unleashing Potential

Total Supply


Lü Bu Token is a cryptocurrency with a limited supply of just 1 million tokens. This scarcity is intended to create a sense of exclusivity and rarity, driving potential value appreciation for holders. With a finite supply, Lü Bu Token offers the opportunity to be part of a select community, positioning investors for potential long-term success in the crypto market.

Buy Fee


Lü Bu Token implements a 3% buy fee, ensuring a sustainable ecosystem for all participants. This fee structure contributes to the project's growth and development by allocating resources towards key initiatives, such as further liquidity provision, community incentives, and ongoing project advancements. By leveraging this fee mechanism, Lü Bu Token aims to enhance the overall value proposition and support the long-term success of its ecosystem.

Sell Fee


Lü Bu Token applies a sell fee of 3% to facilitate a healthy and balanced market environment. This sell fee contributes to the project's stability and sustainability by discouraging excessive and rapid sell-offs. The sell fee is used to support various ecosystem initiatives, including liquidity provision, community rewards, and further project development. By implementing this sell fee, Lü Bu Token aims to encourage responsible trading behavior and foster long-term growth and value for its token holders.

Locked LP

1 Year

To ensure the stability and security of the Lü Bu Token ecosystem, the liquidity pool (LP) is subject to a lock-up period of 1 Year. This lock-up mechanism prevents sudden liquidity fluctuations and provides a solid foundation for the token's market value. By locking the LP for a specified duration, Lü Bu Token aims to build trust among investors, as it demonstrates the project's commitment to maintaining a healthy and sustainable trading environment. This measure helps to safeguard the interests of token holders and foster confidence in the long-term prospects of Lü Bu Token.

United in the Spirit of Lü Bu

Empowering a Strong and Vibrant Crypto Community